The Most Beau~Tea~Ful Teacups

Thanks to Bridgerton, fancy tea sets have become the new home must-have. For those of us who take our tea seriously, a daily cup of loose leaf is one of life's greatest pleasures. And the teacup that contains it? Well, with the calm and comfort it provides, it should indeed be one of our most beautiful and prized possessions.

The Most Beau~Tea~Ful Teacups

Fancy a cup of Tea
in a fancy teacup?

Inspired to invest in your own tea party tools? Below, Aishika Xaviera, Fashion Illustrator and avid tea enthusiast, shares her suggestions for a sip-and swoon-worthy afternoon.

SELETTI I-Wares Gold Teacup.

Seletti’s gold flecked tea cup is crafted with baroque inspiration. Brilliant and simultaneously elegant.

L’OBJET Haas Mojave Teacup.

The L’objet Haas Mojave teacup features an intricate and organic pattern reminiscent of desert pebbles and of the endless stars in the desert sky. The design features a sculpted handle modeled after an iconic Haas Brothers monster leg texture.

Art at the table tea sets by FORNASETTI.

Fornasetti’s refined architectural motif covers this hand-decorated teacup, transferring imagery to an object for daily use and thereby transforming it into a collector’s item.


This striking Giraffe motif teacup from Roberto Cavalli is adorned with a bespoke giraffe design and enhanced with luxurious gold and platinum coloured detail. Wildly exquisite.

The Parterre by HALCYON DAYS.

Made for modern royalty, Halcyon Days Parterre teacup strikes the perfect equilibrium between aesthetic and workmanship.

CRISTINA RE Ebony Stripes Teacup.

The signature Ebony Stripes teacup by Cristina Re is perfect for those who love to collect vintage inspired teaware to decorate their abode and entertain their fanciful guests.

SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG’S Ca’d’Oro teacup.

Timeless, minimalist but undeniably opulent, this Ca’ d’Oro cup from Sieger by Fürstenberg is the ultimate in fine dining. Inspired by the exquisite architecture of the Palazzo of the same name in Venice.